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Press Quotes

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Time Magazine

“The world's greatest classical marimbist... Stevens has revolutionized the playing of the instrument. In his hands, the marimba has gone from being a useful but limited foot soldier in the percussion battery to a beguiling melodic instrument fully equal to the contrapuntal subtleties of Bach's Two-Part Inventions.“


The Wall Street Journal

“He plays everything from Bach transcriptions to contemporary concertos -- literature once deemed impossible for an unaccompanied performer -- with the technical panache of a Horowitz.”


Neue Zuercherher Zeitung (Germany)

“The virtuosity with which his four mallets danced across the keyboard was almost unbelievable.”


Digital Audio

“His devotion to both the music and his instrument suffuses every note with the passion of dedication. This remarkably faithful transcription takes us beyond a merely technical interest in Stevens’ facility on the marimba to a renewed appreciation for the universality of Bach’s music. The marimba delineates harmonic and contrapuntal details that the solo violin can only hint at. And Stevens lights an energetic fire worthy of Heifetz or Milstein in the “Presto” of the A Minor Sonata."


Volkskrant (The Netherlands)

“His technique with four mallets has to be seen to be believed.”


The Denver Post

“Cheers at the end is a measure of just how good he is.”



“... any feeling that this is repertoire intended for other media is quickly dispelled by the sheer musicality of the playing... one no longer even thinks of possible technical limitations for the instrument, or, for that matter, of the idea of transcription itself. There is a superb sense of forward momentum in these performances... These are most persuasive renditions, quite riveting in their impact.”

Sindelfingen Zeitung (Germany)

"Perfection, agility and speed that often left the audience with their mouths open."

The Edmonton Sun (Canada)          

“From the opening notes... Stevens dazzled. His incredible dexterity and musicianship earned a rave from the whole house.”


Herald Times (Bloomington, Indiana)

“Leigh Howard Stevens may not be a household name, save among marimba enthusiasts. From what he revealed in Auer Hall Sunday evening, however, he deserves far wider acknowledgment. Stevens gave the gathered a recital of distinction. For this writer, it was one of the most satisfying concerts of the summer, nay, of the year.”

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